Saturday, April 7, 2012

it is very long time...

it is very long time i didn't post any story on my blog. many thing were happened since a few month ago. let flashback.
after i got a serious problem with predator(snake), i decide to build a new cage at my parent house.this time is twice larger than before. at the beginning both pair of my lovebirds didn't show any sign to breeding. after 4 month they start nesting. both of them got 3 babies each one. when their babies start standing their own feet , 2 of them i was swap with my friends (Ijan) in exchange of yellow and green , i get 1 pair of blue.
after a few week, i decide to sold them all because i need to move to new home. the  3 blue color i was sold through facebook with price RM120 each. a pair of yellow is RM180. and the green RM80. 
 my bird start breeding for a second time. this time all the second batch babies fail to live longer except one. In my theory, they die because the weather is too cold and it is rainy season. and then i decide to lend my black cheeked to my friend (Mat).  her pair i made exchange again with my friend (ijan). this time a get blue.
after move to new home, i was let go 2 pair of mature lovebird to a someone (doctor). 
 so that my story. i hope i can keep all my lovebird as longer as i can.right now (tonight ) i only have 1 blue, 1 white  and 1 yellow green. the light brown is coming soon

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