Thursday, August 11, 2011

broken english simple essy: My knowlegde about biak

If we saying about Biak in area Perlis & kedah , everyone know about  it. This tree is easy to growth and no need advance caring. It is actually wild growth plants which are growth in tropical rain forest jungle and it is look likes from timber species because of the height of this tree can reach more than  30 feet and above. Biak is very popular because of it leafs which say it has a high potential medical values. Betul ker biak leh jadik ubat????????  Many people say that biak leafs can threat children who have problem with enterobiasis, restore back of energy for men after work and some people say it can help men stay last longer such as energizer battery when having sex. Various styles were used in taking a Biak. One of the popular is boiled biak leaf until its became a stock, blend its leafs until it become a  extract powder and eat raw biak leaf . But excessive intake or overdose it can be addictive.
A few years ago,  biak trees were planted and reproducing widely in areas of perlis & kedah. It is was affected by the demand of many of teenagers, adults, old peoples, men and also women was abused in taking of biak. From the economic view point, the price of the biak is between 10 ringgit-45 ringgit per kilo. Mahal tueeee...it can increase their standard of living. In some areas, a glass of biak stock price around 2 ringgit -6 ringgit. The impact from the of healthcare show that those who were addicted by biak can be so tired and wilt. There are also body aches, fever, diarrhea and failure to control their emotions. As solution, take biak daily in large quantities can help them to prevent tehem from bad effect.
What are the good things is, some modern and traditional medical practitioners recognized that biak can cure a drug addicted. It is more effective then drug replacement such as ketamin.

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