Thursday, October 20, 2011

Sold NoisyFriends

yesterday i was sold a pair of   my lovebirds with the price RM180.oo. even though i like them so much but my mission  to replace them  with  species that has white ring around their eyes & red fang . maybe tomorrow or next day i will buy new to replace them. i hope it will be new couple to my black cheeked. hard to find best color lovebirds.but the the worth thing is its really depend on fate that a choose a right pair to my black cheeked. becoz im not really sure whether my black cheeked i male or female..........  i try to find a unique lovebirds like my friend. his lovebird for me i unique because of color is all black.

gudbyeee my noisy frends. dont be so naught with new owner. i hope u alway make a sex to get more babies.
tonight is too silent without both of u. but i can sleep well.

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