Saturday, October 29, 2011

egg not hatching

last month my female lovebird lay a few eggs. But until today this egg still not hatching.  This situation is not first time happened to my pets. I think this situation happened because of inconsistent of weathers and also my roof is damage. it the rain is so heavily the nest will be a bit wet because of the water from the rains.
may be tomorrow i will cover the cage with something that can avoid my lovebird become stress. 
in other situation of  another pair of lovebirds, this pair of lovebirds not show that they want to mating each other.  the blue female lovebird make a nest with male but they don't sleep in their nest. the changing of new cage with new environment cause many weird situation. another reason is this couple don't have experience to take care of their egg until they hatching and  care their babies until  their babies can fly. another reason is they may didn't get balance nutrition.

so many expectation theory play in my mind because of  changing my lovebirds attitude and their mating process. temperature of the environment, inconsistent weather, imbalance nutrition and  inexperience breeding couple. Anyway i hope all my theory is wrong and in the future all their egg will hatch.

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